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Drewry's Bluff

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The National Park Service now maintains Drewry's Bluff and it is part

of the Richmond National Battlefield.

For more information on the Richmond National Battlefield
Richmond National Battlefield



Drewry's Bluff Photo Tour

The capital of the Confederate States or America was Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond was not only vulnerable to ground attack but from naval attack from the James River.

Confederate forces began constructing a fort on a bluff over looking the James River to

protect their capital. Northern troops referred to the fort as Fort Darling. The fort was at a key location for the

defense of Richmond from naval attack.




Drewry's Bluff (Fort Darling)

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Jackson Shrine Office Building Old photo Jackson Shrine Office Building Painting of Fairfield Park Service Information Sign
Park Service Sign about Jackson Jackson Marker Painting of Fairfield Park Service Information Sign



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