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Personal Films and Photo Albums

Below are the personal home movies and photo albums from
men that served onboard the USS Arizona. They have been
donated by family members, shipmates and survivors.

Ensign Carl Weeden
Carl Weeden 4/14/1916 - 12/7/1941
USS Arizona 6/9/1940 - 12/7/1941
His films of life in Hawaii and on the USS Arizona

Video clips have been made in the Windows Media format.
Be sure to undock media to enlarge video window.
Since many people still use a 56k moden, picture quality has been
reduced for faster download times.

The films of Ensign Carl Alfred Weeden - Part 1

The films of Ensign Carl Alfred Weeden - Part 2

Joseph John Borovich S1c
Joseph John Borovich KIA 12/7/1941 USS ARIZONA
His personal photo album of Hawaii

Photos and films courtesy of personal collections.


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