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Pearl Harbor The Real Story

Countless photos, archive footage, newly found film footage, historical facts, and survivor stories
have all come together in this authentic account of the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7th, 1941.
Throught the experiences of over 60 survivors, Pearl Harbor The Real Story weaves together the actual events
with historic film footage and photos, including captured Japanese film footage and photos. Witness the attack
on Pearl Harbor from both the American and Japanese perspective.
In addition to incredible stories of the attack, this program goes to the bases as they look today. See historic
buildings and locations, some that are still damaged from the attack, and take a tour of museums and memorials.

This documentary has been reviewed by the National Park Service and is also sold at the
USS Arizona Memorial Museum Store.

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Entrance to Pearl Harbor, Hangar 6 on Ford Island smoking USS Nevada makes a run for the sea Oil drop from the Arizona USS Arizona explosion as seen from Japanese Plane
Japanese artifacts on display at the USS Arizona Museum Japanese Dive Bomber flies over Pearl Harbor USS Vestal still alongside the now burning Arizona USS Oklahoma rolled over
Iida Marker at Kaneohe Fountain at Fort Shafter Opening moments of the attack on Pearl Harbor Destroyed vehicles near the Hale Makai
Arizona Memorial, Battleship Row Battleship Row under attack Japanese Pilots get a briefing Nevada Point

Support the Arizona Memorial and purchase this great Pearl Harbor documentary
from the Arizona Memorial Museum Association. Buy Pearl Harbor The Real Story

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