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The USS Arizona Today

The National Park Service makes routine dives on the USS Arizona
to ensure the structural integrity of the hull. These dives and
the use of the VideoRay are serious archeological surveys of the
USS Arizona. A concern of the Park Service is the oil that still
leaks from the hull and its effects on the environment. The Park
Service also wants to make sure that all visitors are safe during
their visit to the USS Arizona Memorial.

USS Arizona drawing

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USS Arizona underwater_a

USS Arizona underwater_b USS Arizona underwater_c

USS Arizona underwater_d

USS Arizona underwater_e

USS Arizona underwater_f USS Arizona underwater_g

USS Arizona underwater_h

USS Arizona underwater_i

USS Arizona underwater_j USS Arizona underwater_k

USS Arizona underwater_l

The USS Arizona Today

USS Arizona drawing

Underwater Videos of the USS Arizona

Video clips have been made in the Windows Media format.
Be sure to undock media to enlarge video window.
Since many people still use a 56k moden, picture quality has been
reduced for faster download times. Some of the video files are
large and may take time to download please be patient.
DSL and Cable users check out our video section for large file higher quality videos.

Join a National Park Service Ranger as he guides you around
the USS Arizona. Get an upclose look at the USS Arizona.

Ranger Dive - Part 1

Ranger Dive - Part 2

Ranger Dive - Part 3

Ranger Dive - Part 4

Ranger Dive - Part 5

Ranger Dive - Part 6

Ranger Dive - Part 7

The VideoRay in action inside the USS Arizona

USS Arizona Underwater

USS Arizona Underwater

USS Arizona drawing

Check out whats going on at the USS Arizona Memorial with the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center.
They also offer a video tour of the USS Arizona as she is today and much much more!
You can visit their site at USS Arizona Preservation Project 2004

Photos from video courtesy of the National Park Service Submerged Resource Center.
Drawings courtesy of the National Park Service Submerged Resource Center.
Films courtesy of the National Park Service Arizona Memorial, National Park Service Submerged Resource Center and
SFR Productions "Pearl Harbor the Real Story" and "Pearl Harbor Revisited the USS Utah and USS Arizona"


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