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USS Arizona


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the USS Arizona

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The USS Arizona ~


On March 16, 1914 the first keel plate of America's newest battleship USS Arizona
was put in place. On hand for the keel laying ceremony was Assistant Secretary of
the Navy, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Construction on the newest and greatest battleship
in the world would continue as the hull took shape. On June 19, 1915 the USS Arizona
was launched after being christened with bottles of Arizona water and champagne
by Miss Esther Ross. The USS Arizona would continue her fitting out as turrets,
conning tower and cage mast were added. After months of hard work the USS Arizona
was a completed battleship. She had cost the US Navy $16 million dollars to build.
On October 17, 1916 the USS Arizona was officially commissioned as a US Navy ship.
In 1934 the USS Arizona was the setting for the Warner Brothers movie "Here Comes
The Navy" staring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien and Gloria Stuart. The USS Arizona
would under go upgrades and modernization during her operational life and serve
proudly in the US Navy over the years.

The Men of the USS Arizona

Activities on the USS Arizona

Sports Teams of the USS Arizona

Shellbacks and Pollywogs

The USS Arizona Silver Service
The story about the USS Arizona Silver Service from
"Mermaids and Saguaros, The USS Arizona Silver"

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